How do I, as a prospective first-year student, enrol?

Register in Studielink and process the actions in the To Do list. At the latest you can make a request before 31 August.
When you made a request before 1 May you are entitled to a Student Choice check.

Even after registering with Studielink you are still not enrolled at TU Delft. You are officially enrolled only after meeting all the requirements of admission and after the payment of the tuition fees has been processed (preferable through the digital authorisation in Studielink). Please check your status in Studielink regularly as some "To Do" actions will appear after a few days. 
If you wish to be admitted to one of the Numerus Clausus bachelor programmes at TU Delft you have to apply before 15 January 2017 . See  here  for more information.

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