By when at the latest must my enrolment be completed?

You can make a request for enrolment until 31 August at the latest through Studielink. TU Delft advises you to submit your enrolment application before 1 May. Then you are entitled for a Student choise check.
If you wish to be admitted to TU Delft on the basis of a Non-Dutch diploma (also: International Baccalaureate or European Baccalaureate, regardless the location of graduation) start your application through the International admissions office before 1 April.
If you would like to apply to a Bachelor of Science  numerus clausus programme  please register before 15 January in Studielink .
You need to re-enrol before 31 August. Enrolment is only possible as per 1 September, unless you enrol for the second semester of a certain Master degree programme (February). Then your enrolment has to be processed before 1 February at the latest.

Retroactive enrolment is prohibited by law!

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